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ACT and SAT Test Prep

Tricia Dunn is officially certified through ACT as an 

ACT Certified Educator (Basics) .

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Tricia teaches strategies along with using the official prep guides to focus on guided, personalized practice and content review! Test prep needs can vary for each student, however, I recommend at least 8 weeks of practice time leading up to the test date. 

Tricia also was trained by test expert  Tina Wiles of   My2tor in both ACT and SAT.  * Looking for a GREAT in person group class option? Check out Tina's services in Naperville, Illinois by clicking on the My2tor link.* 

Recommended Resources: 

ACT Test Prep Classes for 2022

8 weeks of preparing with a qualified ACT Certified Educator, Tricia Dunn

2 hours each session * guided practice in between lessons * optional pop in practice *full timed practice test 

Silver Package

16 hours of in class, optional full timed practice test, pop in practice available weekly.

Gold Package

all of Silver PLUS 8 weekly- 1:1 hour lessons

Platinum Package

all of Silver and Gold PLUS NEXT Steps coaching program (a 8 week program designed to customize an after high school plan. Includes a interest/ skills assessment, guided mentoring, creating action steps for the future, resume writing and more!)

Weekly Class Overview

Week1: overview of ACT and English section Strategies

Week 2: review week 1 and Math section Strategies

Week 3: review week 1-2 and Reading Section Strategies

Week 4: review week 1-3 and Science Section Strategies

*full timed practice test as a class or independently

Week 5: review the practice test

Week 6: Content review on the English Section and time management

Week 7: Content review on the Math section and test anxiety tips

Week 8: Mini practice test of all sections with in class review

Class for ACT June 11

Mondays @6:30p-8:30P CST

Class starts April 11 - June 6

Class for ACT July 16

Tuesdays 6-8 pm CST

Class starts May 16- July 12

Class for ACT Sept 10

Mondays 6:30-8:30 CST 

Class starts July 11- Sept 5

Class for ACT Oct 22

Tuesdays 6-8 p CST 

Starts Aug 22- Oct 17

Class for ACT Dec 10

Mondays 6:30-8:30p CST

Starts Oct 10- Dec 5

Training for ACT Tutors 

2 weeks of training for tutors who want to specialize in ACT prep: 

Dec 6 @ 6-8 pm CST 

 English and Reading

Dec 13 @ 6-8 pm CST 

Math and Science