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Support Packages

   Quarterly support package:

We will meet by phone for 1 hour every 9 weeks. The purpose is to review, plan and modify the new quarter. This time is for you and we can discuss specific situations (behavior, learning, or other) that is relevant to your school. You will leave our meeting with a renewed confidence for the new quarter!  You will have unlimited 5 day (Monday – Friday) email support and access to the closed Facebook support group.      

Weekly support package:

The initial session is 1 hour long to make a plan for the year. There will be 1 hour weekly sessions with your student - either online or in person of the subject or subjects needing support (To be determined in our first 1 hour session). Every 9 weeks, we will have a 15 minute parent/ teacher call to trouble shoot any issues from the quarter and come up with working solutions to adapt and improve your homeschool to provide the best homeschool experience for your whole family. You will have unlimited 5 day (Monday – Friday) email support and access to the closed Facebook support group.

Daily Support Package: 

Sun Raise Academy Homeschool has limited openings for students on a daily basis in the Chicagoland Area. There is a application process and an interview with both the perspective student and parents. For more details: contact Tricia for a 30 minute complimentary consultation call. 

Service Prices

Compare the service packages and find the best fit for you. For specific questions:  Contact Tricia. 

Quarterly Support


 1 fee. 4 1 hour sessions

Every 9 Weeks

Best for limited support 

4- 1 hr sessions


Plan for the new quarter

Address any concerns

Quartery Support
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Weekly Support


for 9 month school year

*monthly payment plan available 

Best for more hands on,  detailed support 

36  weeks of support

1 hour  weekly sessions with your student 

Behavior modification plans

Individualized Education Plan 

weekly support ($300 for 9 months)
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Daily Support 


For the year, monthly payment plan available

Best for an alternative homeschool option with Sun Raise Academy Homeschool

Daily School Schedule

Experienced Homeschool Teacher

Emotional Needs Addressed

Special Needs Addressed

Daily support
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