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Classes and Descriptions: 

Core Classes

(1.0 credits) Grade/ level

Description and Curriculum, ixl,, epic, Newsela, Saxon math, Holt, Kahn Academy, Official ACT/ SAT guidebook and My2tor workbook, and custom curriculum created by Tricia Dunn from her 20+ years of education experience, and other resources. Monthly tuition per student:

1 course: $300

2 + courses: $500 (up to 4)

*Family Bundle: $700 (for the whole family, up to 4 courses per student) *Immediate household

English and Composition Advanced 8th, 9-12th grade High School level Lang. Arts. Focuses on Language Arts and journaling. Students will learn and apply grammar rules and critical thinking while expressing themselves in a positive way. (Curriculum adapted from the book/ workbook “Optional Optimism” by Deidre Mc Clarin)

Pre-Algebra Advanced 8th, 9th grade

(Year 1) Basic arithmetic and geometry skills needed for Algebra. Factors and Primes. Fractions. GCF and LCM. Exponents. Decimals. Order of operations. Equations. And more…

Algebra 1 9-10th grade

(Year 2) Covers Linear equations, Systems of equations, inequalities, functions, and graphs, Sequences, Absolute Value, Quadratics, Irrational numbers.

Geometry Prerequisite: Algebra 1


(Year 3) Study sizes, shapes, positions of angles and dimensions. Points, lines, planes. Proof. Perpendicular and parallel. Triangles. Similarity. Right Triangles and Trigonometry. Quadrilaterals. Transformations. Circles. And more

Algebra 2/ Trig Prerequisite: Algebra 1 and Geometry

9-12th (Year 4) Guides through linear equations, inequalities, graphs, matrices, polynomials, radical expressions, quadratic equations, functions, logarithmic expressions, probability and trigonometry.

Precalculus Prerequisite: Algebra 2/ Trig


(Year 4 for advanced track) Covers polynomials, complex numbers, composite functions, trigonometric functions, vectors, matrices, series and more

Physical Science 9-12th Students will study inanimate natural objects, including science topics of physics, chemistry, astronomy, and geology

Forensic Science with lab

Prerequisite: Biology

10-12th *Warning* this course includes graphic discussions of violent crimes and how they are solved. There are labs.

Human Anatomy

(Biology) Advanced 8th, 9-12th Each month students will take an in depth look at a system of the human body. Students will be able to identify the parts of each system and the function it serves in the body. Students will do independent research, group discussion, and teacher guided information to learn.

World History Advanced 8th, 9-12th Students will enjoy an interactive approach to discovering the people and civilizations of our World as we learn about the events in history. Begins with Ancient history – current.

Elective Classes

0.5 credits Grade/ level Description

Speech 101

Advanced 8th, 9-12th Students will improve on public speaking skills needed for self-confidence and effective communication. Specifically, geared to the young entrepreneur, we will cover topics such as 30 second “elevator pitches”, networking skills as well as speeches that pair with the English Writing assignments.

Test Prep Prerequisite: Algebra 1/ Geometry

Recommended: 10-11th grade Students will learn test taking strategies, review college ready content. Geared for taking either ACT/ SAT test in the Spring, students will use official ACT/SAT guidebooks paired with workbook. Tricia Dunn is a Certified ACT Educator and works privately with students to gain confidence and reach their goal scores! *In addition to monthly tuition there is onetime materials cost of an Estimated $50 (price subject to change)

Entrepreneurship Skills 101 9-12th grade Students will begin a 4-year journey to setting a foundation for entrepreneurial success. Executive Functioning skills such as time management, goal setting, organizational skills will not only help for academic classes, but also for life. We will also focus on the base of building a business: creating a business plan, budget/ financial literacy, marketing plan, social media and so much more. Volunteering and hands on apprenticeship opportunities with small business owners will be a part of this class. Price for this course is a listed above.

*This is included in the Entrepreneur Program – Prices are different for that package