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Sun Raise Academy

Sun Raise Academy was established in 2002 and is a private  Homeschool located in Chicagoland Area that offers educational support to other homeschool families. Tricia Dunn uses her dual education degrees, parent coaching training, along with her 18 years of homeschool experience to help parents and students on their homeschool journey! 

Our school has 3 main focuses: 

1. Academics - We believe in providing a quality education centered around the student's learning style. We also feel it is important to give the students the skills needed to know how to learn as an independent life - learner. 

2. Social/ Emotional - We believe that in this modern world, more than ever, we need to provide our youth with strategies and tools to embrace and express our unique differences and capitalize on strengths. We provide coping skills for stress, positive ways to acknowledge emotions, and how to confidently communicate with the world around us. We highly recommend the guided journal series by Stacey M. Design.

3. Entrepreneurship Skills  - We believe that entrepreneurship skills opens up many opportunities to a young person. Years ago, but not that long ago, children by the age of 12 or 13 would be learning a trade or a skill under a mentor. There is a saying, "You're never too old to set another goal or dream another dream", we say you are never too YOUNG either. The entrepreneurial journey  can be introduced as early as 3 (or younger) and carry throughout a lifetime! Our vision is to help children of all ages develop skills to take ideas to reality, be a meet the needs of their community, and while they are doing that turn their passions into profit - while they are young!

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Coming soon...

Mom U

Mom U will be a collaborative effort of experienced teachers who have a heart for the home school mission and desire to support Moms. The purpose will be to provide training, tips, and teaching strategies so that Mom will  have the confidence to be "Teacher".  This will be done by webinars, meet ups, Facebook group, and other courses. 

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Dear MS. Trish, 

I enjoyed getting a 100% on my last Spelling Test. All you did helped me be a better speller. And with Math. I think that you brought me a long way and I could not have done it without you. I loved 4th and 3rd grade with you. So I just want to say thank you for being my awesome teacher. 


Benny Fitz

Student of Sun Raise Academy 

3rd-4th Grade

Dear Tricia, 

Your tirelessly taught with joy. For that, I am so thankful! You have gone "out of your way" and "above and beyond". I am glad for all you incorporated into the school day. I am thankful for the nurturing and well- disciplined environment you provided. You have truly been a blessing to us! 

Tess Timonial

Mother of Student 

Sun Raise Academy


I can't thank you enough, Tricia Dunn, for your willingness to share, and for putting your passion into words on pages to help others! 

My middle guy, suffers from anxiety. I've known for a while and have tried to help, and it has gotten better... I cried last night when my husband told me the reaction he had to your book. THANK YOU!!!

I think he can keep it from getting as bad as it does if he can put these things into practice first.

Hugh Canduit