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Who is Tricia Dunn?

Tricia Dunn, Home Education Specialist

Tricia Dunn holds a dual degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. She has over 20 years of  educational experience  as a classroom teacher, remedial teacher, tutor, and home educator. She has the honor of being mom and teacher to her own 6 amazing children ages 12-22 year old as well as a support home educator to other students. Tricia is passionate about helping parents discover the best schooling option that meets the needs of their individual child. She offers support and guidance in a variety of ways.  

Tricia is also Certified Parent Coach and Life Empowerment Coach. 

Tricia's own experience of years of feeling like she was not living to her full potential, stuck in a people pleasing cycle and dealing with her own self worth issues and then discovering  how to break from this cycle  resulted in a passion to share with others the tools needed to live empowered for life. 

Tricia is the creator and facilitator of empowerment courses both online and live events in Illinois since 2010. Tricia has almost 20 years of education and coaching experience. 

Tricia's message is "Growth takes Time, Effort and Commitment!"


What our customers are saying

“My favorite part of the conference was Tricia’s short story of how she made a decision to follow her dream of helping others break through to empower themselves lovingly..." - D.M.

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